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We are open for business year-round. 
We do two rides a day. 9:30 am and 3:30 pm, 3 PM when the days are shorter. All our rides take you down roads through trails to Long Bay Beach where you will be able to ride your horse into the shallow waters off the Caicos Banks (weather permitting). Upon arrival you will sign liability forms, be briefed on safety and given a quick lesson on your horse. Once all riders in the group are up on their horses and tack is adjusted, you will head down the road and through a windy path to beautiful Long Bay Beach. Your guide will ensure that you capture plenty of pictures if you bring a camera/smart phone. More experienced riders will be given the opportunity to canter on the beach if conditions allow for it, but only at low tide, so check the tide chart on the Book Now page. Beginner/Novice level riders are given the oportunity to trot their horses along the road to the beach if they wish. This is NOT a nose to tail ride where riders are required to follow one another. You will be encouraged to spread out and interact with your horse if you choose to. The most unique part of this ride is riding in the ocean. Our horses LOVE the water. When you get back to the barn you can give your horse a treat and a cuddle, maybe get yourself an original Provo Ponies Tee-shirt or hat before heading back to your hotel or Villa.

A few things to consider.......

AGE REQUIREMENTS: We don't take children under age 7 unless they have had some lessons. Children must be accompanied on the ride by an adult. We will take children age 13 and up without a parent or guardian as long as liability forms are completed before the day of the ride. Helmets are required for anyone under 18.
WEIGHT LIMITS: We only have 3 horses that can carry up to 240 pounds, 3 who can carry up to 180 pounds, 4 who can carry up to 150 pounds, the rest can carry up to 130-140 pounds, but we have a few who have strict weight limits of 100 pounds. So please be honest about your weights when submitting an inquiry. 20 pounds makes a big difference on a horses' back. THANKS!!
WHAT TO BRING: sunscrene, hat, paymet method, cash for tips, medication (if necessary), camera.
WHAT TO WEAR: Lightweight long pants are recommended but not required. Closed toed shoes/reef runners or strapped on sandals are ok. Flip flops are not ideal as they can float off in the ocean. We have shoes and socks to lend out if you don't have your own. We also have fanny packs to lend you if you need to bring your camera or any other belongings with you.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Once you submit an inquiry, we will email you and request a Visa or Mastercard number to secure your reservation. Your card will not be charged until the day of your ride. Our cancellation policy is if you cancel the day before the ride we charge 50%. If you cancel the day of the ride we charge full price. See our FAQ'S for cancellations due to weather.
  1. Sandy hooves
  2. Group ride heading out
  3. Group ride arriving at the beach
  4. Gitana and Rosalie in the surf
  5. Clyde grinning
  6. Owner Camille and Ruby and Elsa
  7. Max Stands patiently for his rider to mount
  8. Sampson out for a swim
  9. Our guides give helpful instruction before the ride
  10. Afternoon group ride
  11. Afternoon group ride
  12. Clyde and Sampson out swimming
  13. Cowboy loved to run on the beach
  14. Morning ride
  15. Wedding photo shoot
  16. Wedding photo shoot
  17. Gitana being a goober
  18. Beach walks
  19. wedding photo shoot
  20. Aerial shot of a morning group ride
  21. The road to the beach